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Question on VOIP callmanager 3.1

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    Hello everyone, I have two problems that have been puzzling Miami-Dade County Telecom IP Group for a while.

    -We have three phones that are identical. they have the main number and 5 lines in-hunt behind it. The first and second line can be answered by all three phones, but the other 4 lines can only be answered by the last phone which picked up a call. the other phones show that there is a call but can not pick it up, the screen displays “In use remotely”. What causes this and why can’t the calls be picked up. We have rebuilt the phones exactly the same from each other, but it keeps happening.

    -If you answer a call and while you are talking a second call comes in on your non-did you put your first line on hold and pick up the second line, you can not put that second call on hold, or transfer the call. This is happening throught the whole facility, and we can’t find a solution.

    thank you for any information on these issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Luis Cabrera
    Miami-Dade County ITD
    Communication Service Rep.
    wrk: 305-596-8354
    fax: 305-596-8671
    ITD@your service

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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