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2nd dail (quintum)

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    Quintum Tenor 3200


    I am using Quintum Tenor 3200, i am looking for the manual, please kindly if any can send it to me or pass me a link.


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    Hi All,

    I am trying to configure a A800 2nd Dial Tone–>Cisco 5300 Gateway.
    That may be a very popular topology. Can anyone help me with a configuration file?


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    hi i am Gilbert;

    I am having difficulty in monitoring our calls with Quintum A800 unit. I just want to monitor the CONNECT TIME for each calls. Is there any way?

    Thank you very much.. I will appreciate your big help…

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    you should use IP map and channal map comands
    under quintum CLI there is an explanation how you do this.
    ivrtype on PSTNTG should be set to 1

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    I am using Tenoor A800 Series
    but the problum is that when i recieve call from USA to my location it,s disconnect after 2,3 Second
    Kindely Solve My Problum

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    i have quintum many calls does it support using pbx and pstn ports.difference in a400 and a800.configuration examples of a800 for call center.instead of pbx i have direct phones how many phones can be attached to pbx ports.
    i am new on quintum but knows good of cisco voice hardware.
    plz mail me the answers as well as cli command reference
    i ll be grateful to you if you respond quickly

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    William Ricaurte

    Hi all,

    Finally I configured a Quintum A800 using 2nd Dial Tone. I have a questions for any Quintum expert in this room:

    * Is there any way we can make SNMP management on a Quintum A800 using a NO HP Open View pplication?


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    William Ricaurte

    Hi all,

    I got a trouble with this A800 equipment:

    * Is there any way to configure two differente output ip prefixes? The iptg comands (for example incprefix) are globals so I can not discriminate. Any clue????


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    Mat @ Blue Lava

    Hi William,

    Regarding the SNMP issue: It is possible to monitor the Tenor A800 using HP OpenView and also other compatible products such as Network Gold etc. A copy of the MIBs are downloadable on the Quintum website.

    Your question regarding the changing of prefixes regarding the route is a little more tricky. It’s a feature that is readily available on the new series of Quintum products as they are based on the CMS operating system. This allows you to tie dial plans to trunk groups and trunk groups to routes etc. Unfortunately on the series 1 products this is not available.

    All is not lost though !! Some more advanced gatekeepers will carry out the number manipulation for you. We use a SysMaster GateKeeper in our carrier operation and that is responsible for the adding and stripping of digits depending on the route. I’m sure that there are other products out there as well that perform the same task – comments please….

    Hope this helps in some way.

    Mat –

    #22552 Reply

    Dose anyone know Quintum Tenor CMS support SIP Protocol or not?

    Their spec said they support SIP but I tried several SIP compatible softdialer, all can not talk to the CMS.

    #22553 Reply

    Does anybody know a software that can monitor Tenor A800 active calls, ASR, ACD, call disconnects, among others, in real time much the same as the Tenor Monitor?

    #22554 Reply

    Does anybody know a software that can monitor Tenor A800 active calls, ASR, ACD, call disconnects, among others, in real time much the same as the Tenor Monitor?

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    Hi to all!
    How can I send all the the calls that comming from pstn side to dedicated number.

    #22556 Reply
    Mat @ Blue Lava

    Hi Andrey,

    There are a couple of ways to send calls from the PSTN ports to a certain number (depending on what you are trying to achieve).

    If the number is reached through another gateway you need to set up a route on your Quintum. You can do this in the “be” section of the CLI under config. Set your self up a static route to the gateway desired for that number. For example, if I wanted to route telephone number 1 234 567 to IP address I would do the following:

    At the Quintum prompt type:
    > co be sroute 1
    (assuming you don’t already have a static route numbered 1).

    Then type:
    > callsig
    > dn 1 1234567 0 0 2

    This will send any calls with a dn=1234567 to IP with a priority of 2.

    Obviously you need to set up the rest of your gateways other features but this should give you a head start.

    Hope it helps.


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    Hello Dear friends,

    I want to know is CODEC G729R8 work in quintum A800?

    If yes what is the performance of it?

    I know codec G729r8 is for cisco.

    Pls let me know in my mail.

    thank u


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