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Mediatrix GW Vs Audiocodes MP GW

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    Does anyone familiar with Mediatrix Gateways ?
    What about Audiocodes MP 100 series ?


    Hi Shannon

    I’ve had lots of experience with the MP100’s and my advice would be that unless you are looking specifically for an MGCP device leave it alone.
    The AudioCodes products don’t come with any call manager or gatekeeper products and we’ve had nightmares trying to get them to interoperate with anything else.
    As I say, unless you specifically want MGCP, there are better – similarly price H.323 and SIP gateways on the market.
    We’ve also used the Mediatrix stuff with some limited results.

    Try Welltech (cheap), or Quintum (reliable and interoperable with everything).


    I am familiar with Mediatrix Gateways. I was actually trained on them by Mediatrix technicians, at the main Mediatrix office in Sherbrooke QC.


    This is the only source who speaks about Audiocode integration with something else . I am trying to make an Audiocode IPM260 work with a Dialogic board D/41E, on one way, and to intagrate it into a H.323 stack also. I would really appreciate if anyone of you could help me with some information, or anemail address to put us in contact .
    Thanks, Mircea



    Do you actually have a MGCP callmanager for the mp100s?

    Jim to Shannon

    The Mediatrix gateways will do the trick, but the problem is the come with this SNMP flash programmer that is horrible and complicated to use, Ive stoppeed using them as Ive found other H323 products on the market that are much better and simple to set up.


    We’ve used the mediatrix gateways in many different types of applications. The H.323 firmware doesn’t use the SNMP browser to program, it a web based gui. The SIP and MGCP Firmware use the SNMP browser to program. Like learning any new hardware there is a learning curve to the programming. Once you have the mib structure somewhat memorized it is a fairly simple process. I think Mediatrix has a strong line, most importantly it interops with Cisco and Quintum quite nicely.


    Voiphelp … try using Qtelnet’s gateways then switch to Mediatrix and you will see what a nightmare it is. Theirs are so easy to set up. I buy all their product now.


    Hi shannon,

    what do you want to know about the AudioCodes MPs. I use this Gateways with H.323 and SIP, also the E1 version, Mediant2000 without any problems.

    Maybe i have also a contact regarding IPM260 programming questions.


    Thanks for the info, always interested in learning new products. I’ll check it out.


    I have the mediatrix’s, 1204’s, in my closet because we were never able to get good service out of them. We asked the vendor and the manufacturer for tech support over and over, and although the vendor tech would try to help; no one could overcome the three difficulties. (1) they do not have CDR’s (2) they do not have voice recognition and (3) they freeze up under stress and you can not do 60% of the volume you can with a Quintum

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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