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IEnsemble! GW and Billing Tool

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    As an owner who has suffered for lack of support previously, cna anyone say what is the ir experience so far with the new owners and product performances?

    Is the billing accurate and effective for a start-up ITSP?


    There is no ideal solution. You can see that everyone asking and experiencing problems.
    IEnsemble is now maturated product and definitely you can start VoIP services, with less investment as if you start with some other vendors in the market.


    I would go for the iensemble now, i suffered all the problems before, but now is very stable, and for price/quality with billing is the best solution

    Merlin nguehou

    it is possible to use somme one like interpacket (ISP satellite) to provide VOIP via bravo equipment?

    e.g: buy the equipment and configure it with the Interpacket GW . so the billng is made by interpacket.

    best regard!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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