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Port 1719 blocked by isp

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    The ISP has bloced tcp port 1719 so that h323 devices wont work. Can someone please suggest something i can do to get around this please resond ASAP


    Some H323 devices will allow you to modify the ports that you use, thus allowing you to use them in a NAT scenario. Otherwise think about getting another ISP…

    Radium Wolf

    I’d Tunnel you’re traffic between your endpoint routers using GRE or GRE and IPSEC if you want security also. GRE is VERY to configure on Cisco routers and it’s an open standard so other router vendors should work too. Using access-lists to pick out your h323 traffic you want to encapsulate (i.e. VoIP traffic between two endpoints) in a GRE Tunnel that’s unencapsulated on the other side. No ISP I know of would block a GRE or IPSEC tunnel for fear their blocking “legit” data traffic.
    If they are, simple, change ISPs.


    my isp did the same thing to us. We had to switch ports. But the GRE tunnel idea is genius, i never thought of that (Duhhh!!!) I can do that in several of my pops to keep the local isp spies from sneaking up on us.

    voip II

    How do i use that GRE ? Can I use this on a Linksys router ?


    Voip II


    the same, how i use GRE, i work with tenor gw and cisco ata, how i use GRE if my ISP has blocked ports for not allowing VoIP


    verey interesting..

    any one know how to use GRE, is it on the router level or on the GW or GK level ?

    shaoul jacobson

    vpn channel

    if your router allows it, use vpn WITHOUT encryption.
    encryption uses a lot of cpu power, memory, … all things more needed for routing & traffic management.

    my 2cents


    VPN tunneling is working fine with Quintum and ATA 186 from several places. Keep those pesky ISP away, and you do not have to go trought gatekeepers anymore. The internal I.P. does not change inside the VPN.
    ll your remote locations are now stationary I.P. address, like they were static, but without the price.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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