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ATA 186 in this setup ?

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    Hi !

    I’m a SIP stack/applications developer.

    As part of a tie-up/inter-op exercise with a service provider, I received a userid (uid) & a password (pwd), a gateway IP (gwip), and a ATA 186 web-configuration page, wherein the uid & pwd were also displayed in the UID0 & PWD0 fields respectively, and gwip was displayed in the Gatekeeper/Proxy field. Use SIP was 1.

    I was asked by the service provider to test the setup by making a call to a toll free number (sip:1800xxxxxxx@gwip). When I send the required INVITE to gwip, it returns a “407 Proxy Authorization Required” error, following which I re-send the INVITE with “Proxy Authorization” field filled up (containing uid & pwd encrypted by using MD5 digest algorithm). The gwip now returns me “200 OK”.

    Now, it seems that uid & pwd are actually the ones which have registered at gwip beforehand. If this is the case, what is the role of ATA 186 in the above setup ? Why was uid & pwd configured as UID0 & PWD0 ?

    Kindly write to


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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