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Who is really using VOIP

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    I certainly am familiar with Telecom companies using VOIP for regulatory bypass.

    And I’m familiar with a few big tech companies like CISCO using VOIP on their INTRANET for their corporate communications.

    But besides that, does anyone have any examples of normal medium sized corporations who are actually using VOIP as their main voice network in-house? And for voice calls to outside companies?



    John Holloway

    If you go to some of the various VoIP vendor websites you will find areas that have various success stories on who is using VoIP. There are several entities in the USG and DoD that are using VoIP such as USPS, Census, USAID, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are using VoIP to some extent.

    Dow Chemical is antoher big global user of VoIP. Also your major long haul telecommunication companies are using VoIP for transcontential transport.


    There are two out there that I know of. One I from time to time do intergration for called – Small to mid size companys, includes full T1, for Voice Data, Fax and 2000 mins LD for 525.00 a month. They use the CISCO IAD router. The other is mainly for res and SOHO users. Which I use. Cost is 41.19 per month with umlimited LD. The service uses a cisco ata186 and really works great. I use about 5000 mins a month so that really cuts my long distance bills big time. Call qaulity is better 95% of the time than my land line. The do require a broadband connection though, DSL,Cable,T1, ISDN. As far as custmore service both are top notch.

    Take a look at them you might be interested. You can also checkout a forum at under




    I am also currently using Vonage and second your assesment that the service works great.

    One of the things I like is that the ATA186 box is used in SIP mode, so the service works behind NAT; simple plug and play install for small offices sharing DSL or cable.


    Would like to clarify something. I don’t believe Cisco is doing Vo / IP on their intranet. They have a huge Vo / IP call manager network but they do not do toll bypass between sites via IP. They use a carriers for that. Hard, if not impossible to cost justify Vo / IP in North America for a company the size of cisco. Carrier rates are just too low and tariffs are bundled.

    Second, I often hear about Dow. I read an article in January that they were going to migrate 350 locations WW to IP in six month. If they do that, my congratulations. Heck of an accomplishment in six months. Can anyone give us an update on DOW? Did they also UPS their key locations?

    I would also like to know if anyone is doing any significant Audio Conferencing via IP transport.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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