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Thesis on VoIP PBX

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    Madison Vipson

    In a few days i shall be working on a thesis which concerns the design of a Server Based PBX. A number of voice cards will be used to implement a standards based VoIP PBX and gateway.

    Do you know of a good resource centre where i can acquire such knowledge? I’ve skimmed trough some RPCs but none of them talks on a server based PBX design with sound cards.

    The whole PBX will be effectively a normal pentium based workstation equipped with some 3 or 4 sound cards…

    All help will be really appreciated.

    Madison Vipson.


    You may want to try Avaya’s web site, They are adopting a similar approach to converged voice and data networks where most of the platforms are primarily COTS HW and operating systems. They are focusing more on the SW aspects of voice call processing. Don’t know if there are any good white papers available on their approach or not.



    AVAYA does not have a real PCBX yet. There approach like Dana says is similair. The IP600 is proberbly the product that fits the profile. Most of the technical specs are only availible from the web if you are a business partner
    Intel is something you’re may be interesseted in aswell:
    Intel converged communication platform



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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