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Music on hold Problems with G.729

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    Achim Wüstner


    I am using an multiservice network based on Cisco 3640, 7206 and Ericsson MD110 (QSIG) in Germany the Codec is G.729BRA. The problem I am experiencing is that music on hold calls are temporary interupted. I know the G.729 Codec is optimized for speechcalls and lowleveled musicparts where blind out by the codec.

    Could anyone tell me more about the G.729 Codec? Any Suggestions?

    Thank you very much


    This sounds like a useful feature, nothing more annoying than hold music.
    Whilst using a voice codec will not give you hi-fi quality music I don’t see why G729 would cause gaps in the music though. Is it possible that you have packet loss…. Maybe the bansdwidth used is too high when transporting music, continous sound= no silence compression=more bandwidth


    Definitely G.729/G.729A/G.729B codec won’t cause gaps when playing music, you may check :

    Disable Silence Compression – because the CODEC chip maybe cut some time if enabled the silence compression and some part of the music is in low volume ( You can’t feel it but the codec hardware can );

    Or Large the music volume – the reason is same to above

    Adjust Frames/RTP Package :
    What is the Frame number in each G.729 RTP package? I suggest to change to 1 and try again; it use more bandwidth but will make the playing more smoothly;

    Welcome post your resule back;

    Muarrij Ahmad

    Do you know why there would be a buzzing noise when a call is taken off hold (MOH), a short 1 second buzz is heard by the caller. Using Cisco AVVID ( Call Manager 3.2.2), with MOH server on a remote site connected by enough bandwidth. There is no chopping, or lack of quality on our VOIP network. Only an inital buzz at the beggining of the transfered call. Equipment is totall Cisco. Using 729 and h323. Its not a hardware problem i dont think, as calls coming from the Call Manager on the same side of the MOH are fine and not prone to the BUZZ.. Static? Thanks!


    Change MOH tune to anything other than “I’m a busy, busy bumblebee” by Arthus Askey.


    Theres always one isnt there… 😉

    We still have the buzz problem – anyone help?? There might be a reward in it!?


    Still no resolution to this problem. Any one out there experiencing similar issues – Any ideas, advice would be greatly appreciated!!!



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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