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Open Source VOIP

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    My compnay used to use a wonderful product called HearMe VOIP using SIP. By far it was the best VOIP solution that was available in the market back in 1998 and I believe still is, unfortunatly the company went bust and sold thier assets to GameSpy.
    We use a company called TelcoPoint to provide us with VOIP (Which uses HearMe’s technology.

    Right now I am trying to search for a solution that will allow me to do PC-PC VOIP,not really concerned about using VOIP telephones.
    Would anybody have any solutions in mind? has some nice open source stuff but nobody is really using it on a large scale.


    Microsoft has a really nice windows xp client. if you sign up for .net service you can do voip long distance.

    Tom Howard

    Hi R.,

    How are you? What’s the XP client you mention. Is it Windows Messenger?


    You must be talking about Netmeeting correct?

    I wonder if you can build yourself a bridge server and connect exclusivley between you and another PC without Microsofts help.


    U can set up you own Metting meeting server with active directory and using win2k Advance server…. there is a whole media deployment section for webcasts and Streaming difreent things from the server… netmeeting is one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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