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setting up VOIP in a WAN

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    I have setup a WAN. Now I am trying to set the VOIP over this WAN.

    Is there any hardware or software reqiuired?

    I am using a cisco router.

    Sameer Ahsan

    Yeah, Some cisco routers have VIC ports which can be used to setup VoIP on a WAN, I think on 1600 and 3600 series. Uhave configure those ports

    Also tell me were r u working and what is the environment like?


    A T Handoko

    there is a new cisco router for VoIP. cisco 1760 can be set into 3 Vic and 1 WIC


    I am using a 2600 series cisco router. I am still finding out which VIC to put in.

    I have 2 ports and I have configure port 0 for the wan. Thus, I think I have to configure port 1 for VoIP.

    The enviroment is a closed environment. That is, we have a dedicated line between the 2 ends.

    Well We have not start working on it yet… but finding out more information before we start.

    Please advise. Thanks.

    Samir Ahsan

    Hi Ralph

    c u have to configure VIC ports on your router. c if ur router has that feature . check the manual or c if adding those ports in your existing router may do.

    U don’t need any software yes if your router has the VIC it will be inbuilt in the cisco IOS or if adding ports option is there then u may have to upgrade the Cisco IOS by the IOS with VoiP protocols or IP software and there are technical papers from cisco site check the router and its spectificationa dna upgrades on it.

    Which company u r wotking with and were.




    a good starting point could be:

    please note that this is for a 3600 series router, but information is valid for 2600. Also
    I am not clear about your router ports, but 2600 comes with 2 WIC slots and 1 network module slot. as fas as I know, VIC ( voice card) should use the network module so you will need a network module.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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