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About gatekeeper problems

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    Nguyen Quoc Phu

    Dear all,

    We have a VoIP system, that need one or more Gatekeepers. But I don’t know I should choose which Provider for that equipment.I heard that using Cisco’s eqipment ( cisco 3640, cisco 7206…) as a gatekeeper may cause calls drop and lose the CDR. Is that right ? Or any experiences about that, please teach me know.Should I use cisco 7204 as a gatekeeper in our VoIP system ? Could we use another eqipment provider? All of equipment in our system is manufactured by Cisco at the present.Please give me your advice. Thank you.


    Cisco GKs dont drop calls or lose CDRs…that would be a function of the GW.
    Cisco uses a direct routed model rather than GKRCS, since their gks are not in the signaling flow and are just used for address resolution then they cannot drop the call.
    The selection of GK highly depends on what features you are looking for, who you are interconnecting with, how you do billing, etc….


    Thank you for your interested in my problems.I understand what you say but I meant that the Cisco GK and cisco GW may not be in good handshake, thus GW can’t setup the regular calls 100 percent.

    Yes, About selection of GK, I will consider all of respect you said.
    Have you ever use Telecount Billing or Mind CTI billing for your billing system. Which is reliable? I think Telecount haven’t been successful in their Repaid billing on Cisco equipment.What do you think about that?


    I thinks it is better if you use the accounting funtion on each your Cisco Gateway, not in the GK. Because the Cisco Gateway have built-in this funtion in the IOS and this is work right, so no need to use the accounting funtion in the GKs, since the GKs will work better.
    About the Telecount Billing or Mind CTI Biiling system for prepaid calling card. The Telecount is cheaper than but this could give you the same funtion as Mind CTI. I don’t think the Telecount do not support right for Cisco equipments, because all of the Prepaid Billing system as Telecount or Mind is based on RADIUS protocol to built their billing, so I thinks the Telecount will work right with all of the equipment which is following the RADIUS protocol.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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