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VoIP service providers in India

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    Hey Guys,
    i’m doing my summer internship project as feasibilty study for VoIP implementation in a reputed organisation.
    May I know the leading VoIP solution providers in India and their offerings,please ?

    zafar al masood

    Please forward me if you find interesting one’s.


    I’ve tried Search Engines on the Internet as well as some of the leading magazines available in India, but I havn’t got to any specific information on the actual cost benefits as well as requirements for implementating VOIP(Like VOIP phones etc) and their pricing. I do know that SIFY, BHARATI, Tata’s are the leading Service providers but has Voip really been implemented somewhere and if so then are there any post implementation case studies as regards the same? Could someone please provide some articles or tips or links that would help me answer my queries…

    Srinivas Acharya

    Assuming I have a PC at home with 56kbps anlog modem and a analog telephone, how to implement IP telephony or IP telephones.?.

    Is there any IP telephone which can be used using existing telephone line?.

    What are the basic and minimum requirements for IP telephone, if we want use them at house?.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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