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Openh323 billing system test reqd.

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    We’re developing a billing system based on OpenH323 library. We need to test it with other systems, preferably cisco. We would appreciate if someone could allow us to connect to their gateways for testing. Maybe, someone already is using a kind of that software (OpenH323, linejacks)? Comments are welcome.

    Mohmmad Reza Sassan


    I have linejack but it work on MTG and I so interested to have billing software on it and i know many of people in my area that use linejack and have problem with myg if you have good solution for line jack please offer me but I havent enough info about openh323 I need more info about It

    Rene Bo

    Cool, there is only about 200 IP billingvendors :-), 25 of them for large networks. Welcome to the club.

    Go to the big ones for big solutions, for the small, use Syslog and MS Excel.

    Would the GW need to be connected to the PSTN ??

    /Rene Bo

    Mohmmad Reza Sassan

    my gateway connected to pstn and use it as prepaid calling system.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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