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no one technically sound here??????

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    Hi everyone,

    I expect that this works. This forum is my last hope. I was trying to make microsoft’s netmeeting work with the ip pbx of avaya communications. But the gatekeeper of the pbx refuses to authenticate the netmeeting client.After spending lots of hours into this, i thought of some other option. I installed the java phone by ibm and made it talk to ip hard phones connected to the pbx. But in this case , the java phone application doesnt go thru the gatekeeper, it just seizes an ip trunk and establishes a voice path with the ip hard phones. I am looking for a free h.323 client software which goes thru the gatekeeper i.e the RAS by the gatekeeper should admit this client. I searched a lot on net but didnt find any free client for windows. If any one can help me with either with the netmeeting thing or suggest me another h.323 client which i can load on my windows pc, so that i can make it talk to ip hard phones or for that matter digital phones thru the pbx, i would be obliged.please guys……

    Tony Friar

    Hi. Sorry about the late reply I’ve only just found this forum.

    You can download a free H.323 softphone from the following URL:

    Select the OpenPhone prgram and install the 2 specified DLL’s.

    The softphone is GUI based and very easy to use. It is not perfect
    and has some problems. The most annoying being that when it becomes unregistered from the gatekeeper you can’t simply tell it to re-register you have to close the softphone and restart it.

    I’ve used it to evaluate gatekeepers from several manufacturers and find it much more flexible than Netmeeting.

    With regards to Netmeeting not being authenticated by the PABX gatekeeper what message and clear code is the PABX gatekeeper returning to Netmeeting i.e. RRJ.




    Thanx tony, I actually already knew about that site. I will test the software and definitely let u know. But ya, as far as netmeeting is concerned , the PABX gatekeeper rejects netmeeting client with the RRJ.Could u help me on this. Its very imp for me. ALso if u could suggest some other nice voip forums, where i can get my queries solved

    Tony Friar

    Hi. Do you know what reason is being given in the RRJ?

    Better still do you have a trace
    of the RRQ and subsequent RRJ and
    the GRQ – GCF/GRJ if a GRQ is being performed?

    With regards to other VoIP forums
    I’m not aware of any that answer questions. Though I’m sure there must be some.



    Simon Pilbeam

    Vivek, did you have any luck with getting and H.323 client to connect to the Avaya gatekeeper?



    Hi simon, I did made the ibm’s javaphone and the open h.323 phone talk to phones connected on the pbx.The calls were routed thru the gatekeeper but without being authenticated. Do let me know what things u working on…. any avaya products???


    try gophone at

    free VOIP application


    Anyone can help me choosing a Gatekeeper please. FOR my new VIOP system


    problem using the ibm java phone as not getting connected when i make a call.



    I was able to logon to an IPNC (basicly the same as Network Alchemy but integrated on one cassette for use in an INDeX)with netmeeting using the gatekeeper option. was not so hard. Only problem i got was that somehow there was no ‘connect acknowledge’. The call was disconnected after 15 secs and represented at the Netmeeting client(????)

    Are you connecting Netmeeting to an IP Office?


    i would like to know wheather we can build VoIP application with out Media gateway as an hardware,since we are planning to develop VoIP conferencing application.

    let me know if any one got an idea means.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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