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Free Q&A session about VoIP from AT&T

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    Check the previous posting

    repond via Email please

    I am an IP/ Data Technical Specialist for AT&T. I am willing to create an open forum conference call to all of you here in the States, for a Q&A session about VoIP.
    Email me with your interest.
    This is for MISs, CIOs, CTOs and CEOs only please. I will create a bridge if enough interest is generated.

    T. Wetmore

    Please give information on date, time and bridge information


    All inquiries are to be emailed to me please. Time, date and bridge will be determined based on the number of participants. This is an informal Q&A session, not a lecture. Email me at:

    Michael Wagner

    Right now, as I understand the VoIP offering from AT&T VoIP services, it primarily services VoIP trunking with an expectation that an existing TDM PBX exists. When will support for all VoIP solution be available, i.e. Cisco Call Manager only environments? Local call routing remains an issue too. Would love to hear more about these and other issues that prevent Enterprises from consolidating onto one access technology to sites.


    Give me your Email address and I will Email you a PowerPoint presentation that will address your questions.


    I have to apologize to all. I will no longer be able to address your VoIP questions. I have been bombarded by over 60 Emails with specific questions and very few for the conference call which should have addressed the issues, Mostly because most of the Emails were international.
    The reason is that I have a back log of my own work to do. I will however email upon request a VoIP presentation.

    Thank you for your trust and for the forum. If anyone needs answers to a specific question, call your local AT&T office and ask for either an IP Specialist or a Data Network Consultant “DNC”, they will be more than happy to assist you.

    Good Luck


    Hello Khaled,
    Plz email me your slide deck you referenced. I still would love to participate in a conference call if you conduct one.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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