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Overdecadic Digits…#/*

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    Bill Collins

    If a voice switch sends a # or * (indicating overdecadic digits) digit over ISDN(Q931) to the signalling gateway would it cause problems after signalling conversion at the media gateway controller or is it packetised and transparent to the Cisco…I understand that # delimits a technology prefix in the Cisco domain and there’s no way to specify a * in the number screening or stripping commands…


    Are you using MGCP or H.323 since you bring up an MGC it leads me to believe MGCP, but you bring up tech prefix which is specific to H.323.
    That being said # and * should work fine in the dial peers. In an H.323 network. If in an MGCP network that would be the function of the MGC and its ability.

    bill collins

    Thanks for the info….we’re using H323 not using the intelligence in the MGCP…we’re only after use of the bandwidth at present…


    Also make sure that the PBX is sending DTMF out the route to the IP router.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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