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Excel & Erlang B


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    I am trying to write a number of Excel spreadsheets that will manipulate voice & data information from our existing network and be used in determining what bandwidth & CODEC will be used (amoung other things) in building our VoIP network.

    The Spreadsheet is based off some models found in various calculators on the web, as well as a few new ones I have seen as of yet. My question concerns the Erlang B model. I have downloaded a few “Excel Addins” that should incorporate the Erlang B formula into my calculations, but the results seem to vary greatly from what calculators that use it show. I have also noticed a slight disparity between the results from one calculator to the next on the web, although I think this may be due to the way the model has been translated into the Javascript functions being used.

    Any reccommendations on either where to download the best Erlang Excel Addin, or a good applicable formula that can be used directly into Excel?
    Also, what are the advantages of using the B model over the C model?

    Do the results vary, or are the two models just used to make calculations for different things?

    Voip Calculator webmaster

    Our parent company has a product called Erlang for Excel. More information is available at which is very popular, easy to install and accurate.

    I’m interested in the differences between the various online calculators you mention. We think that our calculators were the world’s first on the Web (launched in 1996), and we think they’re accurate.

    Lastly, Erlang B and Erlang C are modelling different situations. Erlang B assumes that all blocked calls clear a system immediately. Erlang C assumes that blocked calls queue for resources and so remain in the system until they are handled.

    Best regards,
    Voice over IP Calculator Webmaster.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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