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Voice Mail

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    Valentin E Marin

    I have to 2 PBX’S connected via EYM/VoIp , But we need to integreate one voice mail for both PBX’s. According to our vendor we need to use PRI signalling to connect both PBX”s and use 1 voice mail. Do you know any equipment capable to support VoIP and t-1/pri interface?


    Alex yuen

    Your question is not clear.
    1. 2PBX’s connected via EYM/VoIP
    Is this meant your PBX can provide VoIP connection? If not, how is the existing connection.
    2. What is meant by EYM?
    3. You can use ISDN PRI to connect both PBX.

    I am using Lucent equipment to provide VoIP service.

    Bill Goss


    I have 10 remote PBX’s connected to my PBX here over T-1’s and I have one centralized voice mail system here. It works great.

    I use Cisco routers. The main obstacle for me was to turn on the lights (message notification) on the remote phones, but it works now. I used a POTS connection over the existing T-1’s between the Cisco’s instead of a VoIP on my Cisco’s to keep dedicated channels on the T-1’s for voice mail lights. This allows the PBX’s to talk freely without setting up a call. I eliminated the need for a PRI just to signal between PBX’s, and for the long distance charges associated with it. Email me at with more detail on your situation and maybe I can help you. Good Luck!


    QSIG on the TDM leg between the routers will also help facilitate some of the enhanced features PBX to PBX. Although Q.931 is a great signaling protocol you may need an external DS0 to link the two PBXs as Bill is alluding to. Many PBX vendors have a proprietary way of communicating between PBXs. QSIG is a way to bridge that gap. Included in the QSIG spec is how to signal Message waiting indication(MWI).
    The EYM circuit that you are talking about, I am assuming is actually E&M. That being said E&M does not have enough signalling states to emulate advanced features such as MWI at least between PBXs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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