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congestion SDCCH

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    salut david,

    les problèmes de call drop et de mauvaise qualité vocale sont en général liés à une mauvaise qualité du lien radio (fort RxQual, du à des interferences ou un signal rxlev trop faible).

    Les coupures (blncs) dans la communication peuvent aussi être dus à cela ou bien à des handovers (mais dans ce cas, les blancs durent a peine qques millisecondes..)

    La voix métallique est soit un probleme de rxqual, ou bien un probleme de transcoder : le codec de l’appellant est-il le même que celui de l’appellé ? dan le cas d’une communication FR d’un coté et HR de l’autre, il peut y avoir ce genre de problème.



    merci PIX
    en cas de congestion du SDCCH,que faut il faire pour remedier a ce sais que s’il ya congestion c’est q’il n’y a pas de SDCCH dispo donc il faudra en créer d’autres;mais a part ça,quel solution apportée du point de vue des parametres?ou bien si vous pouvez m’indiquer un site qui en parle reellement.merci pour votre aide

    Ankush Shrivastava

    I am getting high instatntly SDCCH Congestion in Some sites of One BSC. It is very high in night also. Why the Attempts are very high in night, are they false attempts. This is occuring in only some sites (all sectors of same site).
    is it possible that this problem is related with RCP.
    Please give the reply.


    I have a problem of high SD drops on the 1800 sectors coexixting with the 900 sectors.
    Some sites have low CSSR when i have ruled out interfernce and hardware problems.

    Some other sites are getting congested if when the number of TRXs are high and the TCH availability is 100%



    When a cell is congested due to lack of resources, ie SDCCH TS, it will keep on retrying until it succeeds or exceed max retry. This increases the attempts.

    First, increase the #SDCCH and see if it helps. If fails,

    Make sure that this cell is not at a BSC border, or a LA border, or at a place with high LU such as highways. You may want to check your Periodic Update timer to ensure that it’s not too short, ideally at set at 4 hours.

    Brijesh I Shah

    Could any one suggest the application of Twso sector BTS in CDMA2000.

    What is the opinion on highway coverage? which one is better for highway coverage either 1 carrier 2 sector or single carrier three sector?


    Any one Who have regarding Ericsson Minilink system High cap&classic
    and where It is uses .


    Can anybody tell the application of LMRG,QMRG,PBGT and NX,PX values?

    Can i know the how it works out?




    In drop call counters, there is portion due transcoder failure.

    Are these drop calls due to transcoder failure perceived by the subscriber?


    Hello Majmel,

    Which equipment are you using ? I know about call drop due to remote transcoder in alcaatel system, but it might not apply to your case.

    QoS indicators are not standard… They all differ among vendors.

    If it’s alcatel, then yes, the call drop due to remote TC clearly impacts the subscriber. This kind of call drop is not necessarily due to the transcoder itself, but rather a faulty ABIS link (intermittent connection) or BTS/BSC problem (faulty TRE or SUM board).

    It can also be due to some faulty boards in the TC, but that’s quite rare. It’s easy to detect, because it impacts ALL the cells of the TC.



    Reorder-Call failed:

    Please someone explain why folliwing events takes place (Ericsson BTS, 1900system)

    Q1.what are the reasons for any call to go in reorder process during initiation? sites does not show hardware issues, no T1 issues, no traffic congestion or no interference?

    how to troubleshoot…

    Q2. what is the difference between between fast busy vs call failed and reorder?

    how to dignose and troubleshoot.



    hi everybody.

    can anybody tells me what is the meaning of Gaussian minimum shift keying(GMSK)in GSM network?
    if you can provide notes or link i’ll be greatful.
    thanks in advance.

    rakesh solanki

    how the multiplexing is done betn BSC & TC also betn TC & MSC???


    How it is related to SDCCH congestion ?


    what do u mean by erlang drop1 & erlang drop2

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 55 total)
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