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RNC CN IP connection

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    Plz any one can help me to understand the following:

    In our 3G network (I guess it’s the same case for others) the Iu (CS & PS) connection between the RNC and the CN (SGSN, GGSN, MSC, MGW) is base the IP, my concern is from both sides (RNC & CN), we have a set of IP addresses for each service, how the RNC or CN (PS or CS) decides which IP address to use:

    Exp IuPS UP

    RNC side have 4 IP addresses (loopback /32) dedicated to IuPS UP

    SGSN side uses 6 IP addresses (loopback /32) for IuPS UP

    My question is, when the RNC want to send data to SGSN, how it will choose which one IP to use from the group of IPs, same thing for the SGSN


    Hi Mer_BSS_OTA,

    I think you are talking about the logical IPs from both sides, I’m not sure, but its related to load balancing algorithms b/w processing boards, subracks, …



    Thanks mssmss,

    Yes I’m talking about the logical IP addresses, and since they are logical they are not directly related to boards,


    Tanuj Roy

    The IUCS and IUPS IP links are usually defined in Load Balancing system, so the RNC will randomly use any IUCS or IUPS Link.

    We can also define priority of these links if we want to do so.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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