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GSM BTS spectrum sector capacity

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    Hello everyone

    I’m trying to figure out out to compute single band and dual band spectrum sector capacity in TRX’s for GSM BTS. I came across the following:

    Capacity Single Band= (N900/(fsu * lambdatrx)) – 0,5

    Capacity dual band = Capacity single band + (N1800/(fdu1800 * lambdatrx))


    N900 – Amount of 900Mhz spectrum
    fsu – sector re-use factor for 900 Mhz
    N1800 – Amount of 1800Mhz spectrum
    fdu – sector re-use factor of 1800 Mhz

    Is anyone able to confirm this? Thank you in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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