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Scrambling Code Conflict

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    Johny B

    Hello everyone,

    We are facing a strange situation with the scrambling code conflict alarm.
    This alarm is generated from two cells with the same UARFCN but different frequencies. These cells belong to the same sector and they both are used for R99 and HSPA services.
    This scrambling code is used only in these two cells. We have also check the neighbor cells, if two neighbors with the same SC Code existed but the result was negative.

    Have any of you faced this situation? A quick response would be very appreciated.



    you said something that is not making sense :
    “same UARFCN but different frequencies”

    Could you please be more explicit ?

    In one sector with several carriers (1 cell per carrier), all those intra-sector cells can use the same SC. And it is what is done, all the time. So using the same SC on different cells of the same sector is normal, as long as each cell is using different frequencies (FDD1, FDD2, FDD3, etc)

    How is the QoS in those 2 cells? How is the SHO success rate ?

    Have you run your SC check in the neighbours of the neighbours ? That’s usually how the alarm is triggered : the neighbour of a neighbour is using the same SC.



    Johny B

    Hi pix,

    Thank you for your replay.

    These cells are as you mentioned,
    intra-sector cells that use the same SC, so they belong to a sector with two carriers. Yes this is a standard configuration.

    I don’t find any degradation in QoS or SHO success rate may be because the alarm is shone only for few seconds and the problem is not consistent all the time.

    As i have mentioned i have checked the neighbors of neighbors for same
    SC allocation but i couldn’t find any problem.

    This situation seems very strange to me, i doubt that the triggered alarm is real.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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