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RACH_Busy_Threshold and RACH_TA_Filter

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    Hello Pix,

    I am grateful for your support.Have another query related to the RACH thing.
    There are two parameters in ALU


    Received level above which a RACH TS is deemed busy.


    Timing Advance threshold for CHANNEL REQUIRED and PACKET CHANNEL REQUEST filtering.

    Having said that both the parameters seems to be serving the same cause , that they wont be entertaining RACH request after certian TA in former and after certain levels in latter case.

    Please comment if i am wrong.

    waiting for your kind response.

    And if you don’t mind Pix, can you send me your email address so i may contact you for some queries and contact you live. if yes send me your email at

    I would be really grateful

    Best Regards.


    hi irfan,

    you are right about both parameters.
    The Busy Threshold is mostly to compute the load of the RACH (BSS counter), but I guess it’s true that if the RACH is below this level, then it won’t be considered as “heard”.

    The Busy Thrshold is non-changeable, as far as i remember, and is set to -117dBm.

    The TA Filter is the only actual filter one can apply on the incoming RACH.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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