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MS time setting

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    Hi PIX,

    Whenever mobile is power OFF/ON,the MS time is not set to its actual value but set to advance(Let me say if actual time is 1pm value is automatically set to 5pm for the mobile).Configuration in the mobile is in auto mode for date and time.Can you please suggest the possible reason for this fault and what really happen when mobile is set to OFF/ON.

    Also a very happy new year….


    Automatic does not mean clock displays factual time. The user can incorrectly set clock and auto will timekeep from there based upon pre-programmed UTC values.

    Pritam you said actual time is 1pm but mobile shows 5pm. depending upon where you are in the world it could be the clock is set to UTC 5 when your are located in UTC 1. However, check website below and see where you are and what might be the UTC setting for reason for 4-hours advance of clock.

    go to google and check out worldtimezone[dot]com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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