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How EHPLMN derived from IMSI???

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    Spec 31.102 Rel 07: This EF contains the coding for n EHPLMNs. The usage of EHPLMN is defined in TS 23.122 [31]. This data field may
    contain the HPLMN code derived from the IMSI as an EHPLMN entry.

    1. How the EHPLMN derived.?
    2. If I am roaming to the place where my home operator-A doesnt have a service but has a tie up with other operator-B. But the operator-B is not included in EHPLMN list. Will the MS only latch & avail service. Or at same case, it can be included in EHPLMN list also.
    I think it may not be included since EF-EHPLMN update access condition is ADM

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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