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DRU/DTRU going in Perm fault mode E///

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    in few sites we have observed that permanent faults are repeating, DRU/DTRU is going in fail mode, after a block/deblock TRU comes some cases tie values are repeating, in some other cases (for a perticular sector) tie value is getting changed and repeating.

    actions taken:
    VSWR is Ok
    RX path balance is OK
    ICM band is OK
    s/w is up-graded n down-graded from R22/R25 (R35 tried but same result)
    DXU swapped
    Y link cables Swapped
    DRU/DTRU swapped
    IDM swapped
    There is no temperature issues observed

    in few cases BUS fault is observed.

    Pls support



    need support..

    TRU is going fail mode, No fault codes observed.

    any idea…?

    TRU comes up after giving Block Deblock command & repeating in next day


    further observations in Permanent fault in EDTRU (2204/2206 cab)

    Guys need your inputs in Permanent fault raised issues.

    Cab type 2204/2206
    Config – 4+4+4
    No of e1 – 2
    OPDCH & FPDCH TS defines for
    A sector 10
    B Sector 22
    C sector 8

    Confact -2
    SDCCH – 2

    All sectors are having EDTRU
    Still Tie Value 6-7 (B sector TRU going in fail mode(perm fault)

    With the help of BO team OPDCH/FPDCH TS reduced to 10 and issue didn’t repeated from past 15-20 days. but we are losing OPDCH TS.

    Question is, was that 22 TS creating TRU to turn in permanent fault mode ? or something else issue is there ?

    We didn’t observed such issues in 2964 BTS.

    Pls suggest as these issues are observed in many sites..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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