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how to know the routing of SCI in D900

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    i dont know how to route the service by SCI (Subcrible Controled Input) in Siemens D900.
    ex. when dial #31#+SN (active CLIR service), how to declare in D900 ?
    please help me/ thanks

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    This is not the function of the MSC, it is the function of the ME.

    When the subscriber dials #31#SN, the ME will understand that he want to temporary invoke CLIR for a single call, and it will sent this request along with the nbr of the called party to the MSC in the call setup message.

    The #31# is the standard prefix for temporary CLIR invocation, and the ME must intercept this prefix.

    If you do know another SCI that must be declare in the MSC, plz let me know.


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    By the way, r u from gpc-vn?

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    hi Nguyen,
    thanks for ur kind. it is the same as my predict. i think it is swhere in the etsi’s document. do u know the etsi’ number for more clearly.
    thanks again
    (Hey, r u from hanoi gpc? )

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    plz refer to etsi 04.08 for more details (see for setup message).

    u have not yet answer on my question. r u from gpc?


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    yes and u too? very pleased to know

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    hi Nguyen,
    MSC use MSRN ( why not to be MSISDN)to connect to visited MSC (in MTC call). i myself assumed that MSISDN has been used to determine HLR addr in Global Title, so couldnt be used to know MSC adr more.
    do u agree ?
    wait for u.
    best regard

    #36721 Reply

    Sorry, I donot understand clearly what do u mean.

    The MSRN is used to setup a connection in the MTC call to a visited MSC, where the MS is currently registered. The originating switch (may be PSTN switch, MSC or GMSC…) used MSISDN of the called party (B nbr) to determine the HLR addr of the MS, and the HLR will setup a signalling conection to the VLR where MS is currently roaming. This MSC/VLR will temporary assign a MSRN for a MS, and return this MSRN to the HLR. The HLR will forward this nbr to the originating switch, and this switch uses this nbr to setup a connection directly to the visited MSC of an MS, as an ordinary call.

    If this is not an answer for yr question, plz let me know.

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    Hi Nguyen,
    i know the procees of MTC.
    i assumed that MSISDN used to determine HLR add, so could not be used to find out visited MSC ( where B sub roaming).
    is that right?

    #36723 Reply

    Ofcourse, the MSISDN is used to determine the HLR addr of the MS, and cannot be used to determine the visited VLR where MS is roaming.

    This is not because of the MSISDN has been used to determine the HLR addr (as u have said), this is because of the MSISDN is the fixed nbr, but the visited VLR may vary. Only the HLR knows where is the MS at the given time.

    Is this answer for yr question? If still not, plz donot hesitate to let me know.


    #36724 Reply

    MSRN-Mobile Subscriber Roaming Number

    It is similiar to MSISDN in STructure.Used for Providing the Routing during MT Calls.

    When Ruting requested by HLR to MSC…MSC assigns one of the free (IF ANY) MSRN to that IMSI (if in ACTIVE STATE) then returns that MSRN via MAP .Which inturn forwarded to GMSC by HLR.GMSC Uses ISUP/TUP (18TH CENTURY COUNTRIES )
    to route the call to MSC.

    When the call reaches the MSC with that MSRN , MSC knows that the call is for the assigned IMSI and delivers the call and releases the MSRN.



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