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PDP Context Activation Fail, Urgent Plz

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    Hello All,
    I am facing a very strange issue regarding PDP context activation Fail. We have a new BSC in network with a TEST BTS. when we try to make a GPRS call some times its successfull but most of the time it is Failed with “PDP Context Activation Failed, Cause User Authentication Failed”

    E.g if i try 10 GPRS calls, only 1 will be successful all other r failed with abover PDP error.

    For the success case also suppose if i opend Google i will be able open to google homepage only,i cant browse further on that page.

    This is very strange that most of the time User authuntication is being failed but some times it is OK. could you guys plz help me to digout the problematic point Plz


    ANy one to help plz


    Hi Bilal,

    ‘User authentication failed’ indicates that the external packet network has rejected the service requested by the user.

    ref :: 3GPP TS 29.060


    hi bilal,

    yes, this has to do with your GGSN : the PDP context is either accepted or refused by the GGSN.

    Agha says that the external network is refusing the connection -> in other words, it may indicate that your GGSN is not able to access the Internet. Please check with your GGSN colleagues that your APN are well handled by GGSN, that the firewall on the Gi interface is well configured, etc.



    hi pix

    had a query.

    if 1 out of 10 GPRS requests is getting matured then how we can doubt the authentication process, if 1 is maturing then rest of the 9 should also do ..or does this authentication depend on some other factors too ?

    what i doubt is that GGSN guys have not defined/configured the ip pool properly.



    i have no idea how the GGSN performs authentication, because the real authentication is done one step earlier, by the SGSN.
    It is insane to try and find the problem just by assuming what the GGSN is trying to tell us 🙂 go speak to your fellow human(-ish) colleagues from NSS…


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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