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Ericsson 2G handovers reasons

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    know the reason for Handover according Ericsson 2G system. Do we have handovers from reason insufficient signal level (Ul level,DL level)
    Please help with inforamtion.


    hi titi,

    yes, of course, those HO exists.

    level HO can behave in two different ways, which have to be chosen by the operator:
    – type I (called “Ericsson 1”)
    – type II (called “Ericsson 3”) (go figure…)

    Ericsson 3 is the simplest : HO “low SS” means the serving cell has low level (DL)
    HO ‘High SS” means that serving cell has an “ok” level, but there is a better cell than the serving cell (= better cell HO)

    Ericsson 1 = I don’t know. More complicated… and i didn’t learn it yet.



    HOATTLSS pegged when the serving cell was lower than HYSTSEP
    HOATTHSS pegged when the serving cell was higher than HYSTSEP

    HOTOHCS pegged when HO happened due to HCS

    HODWNQA **Attempts at low downlink quality
    HOUPLQA ** Attempts at low uplink quality
    HOEXCTA ** Attempts at TA.

    HOASBCL Assignment to better cell
    HOASWCL Assignment to worst cell

    Attempt means only a decision. It will not be converted to a command if target cell has congestion etc.

    I hope it helps.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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