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Diff bw Assignment command & intracel HO

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    Can you explain what is the difference between Intracell Handover and assignment command. Sometimes in dedicated mode (i.e while on call) network will assign the send Assignment or Handover also. As per my knowledge the difference is handover will have Timing Advance (synchronization) addition to that parameter of Assignment command.

    Is it so?

    Can you please explain these.?



    It depends where is the target timeslot : on the same cell (intra cell ho) or on a neighbour cell (inter cell ho).

    Assignment Command is used for INTRA-cell ho, while the Handover Command is used for INTER-cell ho.

    Intra cell ho is always “synchronous”.
    Inter cell ho is mostly “asynchronous”, unless both serving and target cell are synchronized (sharing a clock). In such case, the HO could be “synchronous”, meaning that there is no need for MS & BTS to re-synchronize after the HO (steps which are done at the very beginning of the HO “welcoming” procedure in the target cell, right after the HO ACCESS).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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