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EIRP value in Planning tool

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    Hi all,

    Our planning tool is Atoll. Standard values have been input into our planning tool (59.4 dBm for 900 and 55 dBm for 1800), however the configuration for our 5000+ cells varies from 1 to 6 TRXs and between dual and common BCCH.

    Is it recommended that the values be changes for each and every site (as per no of TRXs and use of combiners) or does it not make much difference in setting standard values?


    hi dangerousminds,

    it makes a lot of difference !
    EIRP should be computed independantly for each cell, depending on:
    – trx power
    – number of combining stages and bts losses
    – feeder length

    and of course, you must add the actual antenna gain on top of all that. So each cell should be associated with its actual antenna model.

    A difference of 4dB (which is the typical loss from one combining stage) makes A LOT of difference in the radio coverage.



    Thanks a bunch, Pix!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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