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Phone calls KPI measured from an iPhone

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    Dear All,
    I have no experience on mobile networking but was wondering if it is possible to do any network performance measurement related to phone calls directly from an iPhone device.
    In particular I would like to develop an iPhone app able to measure KPIs such as CSSR (call setup success rate) in order to help a network operator to assess the performance of its network.

    Any advice is welcome.
    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Dear Marco.

    Yes you can do it, but you will measure only your connection parameters. Tems Investigation has a mobile version and it works great.

    To measure network KPI you need the data coming from the BSC for all the mobiles connected to the network. You can create a server who get data from the BSC and than create a APP to sync with this server.

    Hope I helped.



    yes, what you need to do:
    1/ collect all KPI in your phone
    – that’s a huge work because an operator doesn’t need “CSSR”, or CDR… they already have it ! so they would want more, such as GPS position of your phone, radio measurements, codecs used, FER, HO info, neighbours, etc etc. Imagining and finding all those KPI will take a lot of time

    2/ you need to upload this info in a server available somewhere, so that the operator can retrieve these info.

    I must tell you that operators are already able to collect lots of radio info from calls, except GPS position (but that will change in one or two years, i’m sure…)

    but creating such an app is a great way to learn about radio, that wuold definitely look very good in your resume 😉



    Good project Marco. You want to go along the iPhone app route. Go for it.

    The results collected by your iPhone may not be identical for other makes/models.


    this is really a great idea from service quality perspective, as it will directly be guaging user experience. Am now switched to android, but had an app in my Nokia, that was almost like the field test. Through which i can log, not only basic but advanced parameters including Handover, cell reselection, power and gprs parameters. Also call attempts, successful attempts, call terminations, failures and much much more…

    the data from various devices once uploaded to the server may guide the operator about what the user is experiencing. As per my experience, RF KPIs show great values, while the customers still churn about problems that due to system limitations are not reflected well in performance statistic.



    I am going to develope app on android for end to end voice quality measurment(PESQ or POLQA)

    Is it possible to have access to voice stream in android?

    What about process and analyze data on android?

    Which phone? which android version?

    I need some starting point from your help to go ahead…

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Thanks for your help

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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