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RBS 2116

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    Fayaz Mangi

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you would be fine. I have a problem about the Ericsson RBS 2116. Just see below. Hope you would help me.

    The DRU 18-01 frequentely gets reset. Configuration is 2x2x2. A1-Y-link is connected to all DRUS. When the 2nd Y-link is connected to the 2nd DRU, it gets resest after each 2 seconds and it seems local to the NOC and BSC. when I swap the Y-link cable with other DRU, it becomes operational and other DRU again gets reset. I have taken following steps, If I miss any other step then kindly help me.

    1. I have replaced Y-link cable.
    2. Replaced DXU and its flash card.
    3. Replaced power cable.
    4. Hard and soft reset (also TG reset).
    5. Replaced DRU with new DRU.
    5. Swap feeder cables.
    Please tell, what should I do???

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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