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Network Design

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    Hi i am a 3rd year Uni student
    Having a difficuty in an assignment. Would appreciate if anyone can help/advise.

    ^ 400km ^
    | |
    |350Km |250km
    | |
    | |
    | |
    (C)—– (D)

    Table 1 shows the traffic load b/w nodes.
    Average call length is 3.1 mins

    Source|Destination |Traffic Load
    A |B |120 (Erlang)
    A |D |55
    A |C |110
    B |D |20
    B |C |40
    B |A |10
    D |B |40
    D |A |30
    D |C |6
    C |A |9
    C |B |47
    C |D |5

    Nodes will exchange voice and data traffic using full duplex circuit switched coonections. Data is transmitted using digital circuits switched link of 64kbs.

    1)Find the total load in Erlang on each link using min physical distance connection.
    2) Total number of calls generated per min at each node.

    A little kindness can make a big difference
    Best Wishes

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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