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Rx Lev low in Roaming SIMs

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    Sarada Prasanna

    Hi All,

    Can any body explain me why we get low Rx Lev in those mobiles where roaming SIMs are used?

    Extensive data is required..

    Plz help on this topic.

    Thanks in advance. . .


    I didnt think a sim could affect the Rx Lev on a mobile. Sure it is not just the mobiles?


    did you change the mobile phone which Roaming SIM cart in it.

    as far as i know SIM/USIM cart does not hold any Radio part related info inside itself.

    so re-test the same condition by changing mobile equipmet.


    @Sarada do you ask a homework question?

    If these roaming SIMs are GSM then as a start check out SIM EFs in standard GSM 11.11. Understand content of those EFs.

    Check your extensive data, assuming you have data, to know about handsets reading low RxLev and check parameters for MS to ‘camp on a cell’. Check idle-mode MS cell lists returned to netwrok on SDCCH. If low RxLEV detected low during calls what are the power-steps to ramp up power detection?

    I guess at answers because there is not much detail in your question about how you know problem with RxLev in first place, which mobiles are relevant, and what tests you have run?

    saurabh srivastava

    yaa this is the true the rx level is down in roaming because by the given diff. bts power & Pmax

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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