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To check for the misuse of frequency.

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    Hi Experts,

    I want to know the action steps we can take for checking the misuse of your frequency by some other operator.
    1.To identify the cells which are degraded by the Frequency Interference,even you have checked your frequency plan and there is no same frequency in the vicinity.
    2.You can see it by Spectrum Analyser
    (Anritsu,Agilent) they will show the frequency which is being interfered.Double check it by locking those TRx maybe at night.
    3.To check for the Interferer operator what steps can we take, i
    mean we have to check for its PLMN(CGI)to trace the culprit.

    Can anybody throw some light further on this issue? It would be really helpful…….



    Just wondering over this, and thought abt somthing.

    How about during DT of that particular cell, if you lock on that BCCH and for a little time you halt your cell then see what cell does TEMS phone camp on with that BCCH. . .

    May be it will go on that interferer and then you’re able to read the CGI.


    Thanks for the reply,
    Well May be or may be not depends on the coverage of my network if its still ok after locking the Trx then its possible that it won’t latch on the interfering frequency, well that was my question how to catch that PLMN and thus the culprit operator.
    Tha TRAI guys do it in their half yearly or May be yearly Spectrum Utilisation Audit wonder how they do it.


    Pls can anyone help?


    hi deepak,

    you buy a sim card from that operator and do a drive test. In few hours you will see all the BCCH frequencies they are using, and some of the “non BCCH frequencies” as well.

    if you have any question let me know..



    Hi Pix

    Thanks for your feedback and it meant a lot as i have been following your posts very seriously.But the question is we don’t know the culprit operator, see the site is a sharing site with multiple operators and the culprit could be one of them but it’s also in a very close periphery of other GSM sites which could easily interfere if they are using our frequnecy here in india we have multiple operators close to 10-11 GSM operators so the option suggested by you is really little vague.Till now our NPI team has been able to show the interference in those sites where KPI’s are really bad we have done everything from our sides, so this has been the solution for exclusion to be shown to our customer.Pls is there a way that we can catch its PLMN other than DT on its SIM.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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