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Coverage affected in PLMN

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    Sarada Prasanna

    Hi All,

    I am working with nokia system, 2G, 1800 band.

    Recently in our PLMN we got a huge large no. of conmplaints regarding coverage issue. We checked and found that there is a real coverage shrink in many sites.
    There is no big activity in PLMN other than BSC upgradation from S13 to S14.

    Please suggest


    Were there a storm that could have disturbed the antennas’ position ?

    Were there any electrical failures that could have damaged the combiners or the feeders?

    Where there rains that could have flooded the feeders, generating more losses?

    If there is no human action, there must be natural causes…?


    Sarada Prasanna

    Hi Pix,

    Our PLMN is some how near to coastal area and recently there was rain almost everywhere.

    But last years there were not this type of Boom in complaint counts.
    We checked through other networks in our circle, but no such bangs in theirs.

    All types of informations are invited.

    Please suggest . .


    coverage decreases only because:
    1/ you modified the BTS Tx Power Max parameter
    2/ there is a physical problem in the BTS (combiner, trx, feeders, antenna)

    I guess you already checked n°1 ? So that leaves only n°2. Have you checked it yet ?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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