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Call in 3G from a point at 30 kms

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    Hello Experts,

    I experienced difficulty to call from a long distance with a site in 3G distant of about 30 kms (the site is on a island, the MS on a boat).

    Eventhough i can see the scambling code, RSCP is -85 , Ec/I0=-5 , I CANT MAKE A CALL !

    Does anybody knows if there is a parameter limiting the call on a distance factor ?



    at the distance of 30 km u r getting the RSCP of -85 dbm and ec/no is -5db.
    how its possible. I think u r getting
    multipath single from somewhere.
    signal is not so strong that’s why
    u will not able to make call.


    ı think that 60 KM is possible if every things good (RSCP/RSSI,Ec/No)
    prach1=80 meter
    max Prach=765*80=60km approx


    In RAN E/// there is this parameter called cellRange. You need to set this parameter greater than 30000 mts
    To make it greater than 35000 mts you need to activate a feature called extended range (same as in GSM)
    In the 3GPP standard, the limitations which impose restrictions on WCDMA cell range (size) are in the network protocols. Currently the Propagation Delay IE is limited to 60 km ( as dd said)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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