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calculating no of TRX

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    hi every body
    i want to know how to calculate the number of TRXs in a BTS(huawei 3012 for example) if i have for example 3 DTRU900 and 3 DTRU1800….and iam asking this because iam very surprised to know that there are no of TRXs exceed 1800 in one BTS…how can this be possible?


    The capacity of a BTS can be increased by increasing the No. of E1’s to the BTS plz check the Transmission state of the BTS in LMT it will show you the no. of E1’s connected to the huawei site, 1 E1 can have max 12 or 13 trx without any HR or EDGE PD TS


    thanks Tanuj for your answer but this is making no sense because the site contain 2 BTS with 2 E1’s for 2G and 1 E1 for 3G..and this will make 26 trx for 2G by maximum…when i cheked with th back office i heared a numbers of trx like 1800, 1810 ,1812…what is this!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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