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SDCCH Congestion is more than 100 %

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    Hi guys,

    What can be the causes for the following situation:

    SDCCH Seizure Requests: 17

    Failed SDCCH Seizures due to Busy SDCCH: 23

    Failure is more than request. Vendor is Huawei, BSC6000. It happens in all cells of the site. So consequently

    Congestion Ratio on SDCCH per CELL (due to Busy) = 140 %, 170 %….

    No any alarm
    During drive test no any block call
    All frequencies were changed
    Software of BTS was updated
    Site was deleted and re-created in the BSC
    Site was restarted

    but…no any lucky result. SDCCH Congestion still is more than 100 %.

    Please your comments.


    Hİ HWEng

    i have had this problem also on Huawei and i did the same things as you are but finally found out that for some cells counters are not working normally. Please check your counters


    Disable Directed retry/Immediate assignment on TCH/Dynamic SDCCH & check.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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