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    We are in the process of implementing ARM HR. I have heard that there is a possibility of the RF foot print being reduced. I don’t understand this. Is that true?
    Also we are looking at how we will move the subs from HR to FR. We have 3 options one uses RXqual, the other uses capacity and the third could be a combination of both.
    Would there be a drawback to forcing 100% of the capable phones to HR unless the rxqual degrades?



    What equipment are you using ?

    Unless you dont have congestion, i would recommand to use AMR_FR and not AMR_HR.

    You can trigger AMR_HR @Busy Hour to gain capacity through your network.

    Normally, each vendor have an algorithm that will switch to HR in case there is Load (for instance at 70% ) in the cell.Ones the cell is not loaded over this , it will use AMR_FR. This is an usefull features but be carefull to the dynamic of the algorithm, again it all depends on the vendor.

    You might have to set up as well the levels for switching from HR to FR and FR to HR (like A_QUAL_CA_FR_HR and A_QUAL_CA_HR_FR)

    Hope that help


    Hi Jason,

    To add to Ian’s comments,

    AMR HR will not reduce the RF footprint of your cell. In the worst case, due to weak interference robustness, a MS using AMR HR will have bad VQ and perform a HO to AMR FR, to regain good VQ.

    If you force 100% of MS to use AMR HR all the time, without possibility to use AMR FR to fight interference, then you might get some MS with bad voice quality or even call drops.
    To prevent this, you must get a clean frequency planning.

    There is no “power” reduction due to AMR HR.



    Thanks for the info. We are using Ericsson. It seems what we have two options for controling this we can use RXlev wich I have set to move off or HR to Full rate at anything worse than a 4 and we can set it so that it does not trigger HR until the radios reach a specific % of use for example at 70% it starts pushing calls to HR.


    Sorry I meant RXqual, not RXlev.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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