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BA list and time duration require

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    I have some question which are i facing in interview on last wk.The question are mntion in bellow.Thank in advance for your answar.

    1.i want to know that when mobile is in idle mode then mobile select all its BA list frequency,now question is that when mobile goes to dedicated mode what parameters need to enable to comes the all BA list frequency to the BA list of dedicated mode?
    2.How many times are require to measure neighbors for a mobile in dedicated mode?
    3.How many times are require to measurement of sample of quality when DTX is enable?



    Those are very useless questions, I wonder what kind of people this company is looking for !

    1/ the list of neighbours (BA list) is transmitted on SACCH in dedicated mode, in the SI2 message.
    2/ Each neighbour shall be measured at least every 5 seconds
    3/ with DTX enabled, the rxqual is **measured** based on (mostly) the SACCH bursts which are transmitted every 120ms. But the RXQUAL is **computed** every 480ms, whatever the state of DTX.

    Good luck for your job search 🙂



    Hi Pix

    Thanks for reply.Actualy i answared as same with you,but he replied i was wrong.

    Again thanks to you.


    well, i know i am an arrogant chap, but i am not wrong on any of your questions 😛

    but i’d rather be wrong and get the job, than be right and stay unemployed…

    but we keep our integrity ! GSM4ever !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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