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NSVC problem in BSC V2 of zte

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    anup kumar rath

    Please briefly describe the possible causes of NSVC problem in BSC V2 commissioning and the corresponding solution.

    rajinder singh

    Check the following status:-

    (1) Check whether the PUC/FRP/GIPP/TIC is in normal state and the TIC green light is flicking.
    (2) GB interface transmission is not normal (A corresponding indicator of the E1 line on a TIC board does not flash normally).In this case, eliminate any transmission fault.
    (3) The GB interface parameters of a BSC are inconsistent with those of an SGSN. GB interface parameters include NSEI, NSVC, DLCI, timeslot, LAC, and RAC. Please make sure they are consistent.
    (4) The HW (BGX cable) between a PCU and a GIPP unit is wrongly or reversely connected. Terminal A is connected to the PCU while Terminal B to the GIPP.
    (5) If it is the connection relationship mistakes from FRP and AUC to GIPP? Self-loop the Gb interface, and observe the print at the FRP board. If the sending data can be received, then the connection is correct.
    (6) It may be caused by the disagreement of BSC and SGSN data configuration. Check whether the TS, DLCI, NSVCI and NSEI are consistent.
    NSVC Connected but Wrong BVC Status
    NSVC is in normal work status, but BVC runs normally. The cell GPRS channels are not in normal state by checking from the dynamic data management.

    (1) Whether it is cell manual block? If blocked, unblock if first.
    (2) Whether it is cell synchronous BRP bock? Check whether the BRP runs normally. If not, solve the BRP problem first.
    (3) Whether it is cell reset block? Check whether the NSVC runs normally. If not, solve the NSVC problem firstly. Resume the BVC signaling.
    (4) Whether it is BTS block? Check whether the BTS can start up and whether it is manually blocked.
    (5) Whether it is BRP-Pn communication failure (BRPPNCOMM)? Check whether the COMM (MPMP board) works normally and P0~Pn communication is normal.
    (6) Whether it is P0-Pn communication failure (MPCOMM_BLOCK)? Check whether the Pn backboard double network cable is properly plugged, whether the PUC backboard cable is correctly plugged, and whether the PUC and Pn network cables are connected to the same HUB. Check whether the same HMS and Pn double network cable is reversed and whether the HMS works normally.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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