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Downtime Calculation in ZTE

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    i can help about the oracle database and the tables where the outage data is stored and the corresponding alarm code etc



    I have observed that though,my assigment and othe kpi’s are ok but DL Quality is very bad…In all zte system…. Any specific reason or parameter i can check?


    Hi Suzi
    Pls check if you have given high (1)trx priority for TRX 1 i.e. BCCH. If yes, then make it low (5)for some cells and then observe the downlink quality.. You can also do the same excercise each TRX wise within problemetic cell, It will help you in detecting if the problem is with Hardware/Freq.

    Other Solution is to check your Handover / Power Control parameters. Check the parameters for Rapid Power Control and downlink quality handover algorithm parameters.


    If one sector of cell site is down for 30 minutes how we would the average downtime of said site ?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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