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how to block caller id?

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    In some countries, caller id can be blocked from being displayed on the receiver’s phone. What the caller needs to do is to dial some specific digits followed by the phone number. Can this also be done if I have PRI ISDN lines? Anyone has the answer?

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    Hi ,

    This can happen if the feature has been enabled at the MSC.If the service operator has paid for this particular feature it’ll be enabled at the MSC & therefore you’ll be able to use it.

    The best way out is to contact your
    service operator & check how much do you have to pay for this service.


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    Hi GG,

    Thanks for the answer. What is MSC?

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    Well Joel,

    What I understand is you dont want to display ur number to the called party ?

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    MSC stands for Mobile service Switching Center, i.e. an exchange for the mobile network.

    The feature to hide your number at the called party is CLIR (Calling Line Identifier Restriction). You have to register this subscription with your service operator. And you may permanently enable it by using appropriate menu in your phone, or temporaryly use it by insert #31# before the phone number you are going to dial.


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    Nguyen and GG,
    I understand that blocking caller id on GSM mobile network can be done by subscribing to this feature. What I want to know is whether I can initiate block caller id when I’m calling from a conventional fixed line phone. And whether I can do this without having to subscribe to the feature, ie free.

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    Hi Joel,

    The calling name blocking is not
    restricted to a GSM mobile network only.The same applies in case of a
    landline-landline call also.The place where the options are enabled/disabled is the MSC ( switch ).Nguyen had a good answer of practically enabling/disabling the feature.

    I don’t know what provisioning has been done at your operator’s end.

    But asking whether the facility is free or not will not cost you anything : ))If it’s free well go ahead & use it,if it’s not it’ll come at a nominal fee.

    Jokes apart ,every MSC will have it’s own way of enabling/disabling features.

    let me know if you need more clarity.


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    If you have an ISDN origination, you can block your calling party number. This is a basic feature of ISDN. The Telco switch “can” set your number and will deliver this ANI if you do not provide a different number for display. Basically though, the Telco switch will not block or change what you send on ISDN. The Orig CPE has the upper hand. What it sends will override any telco settings (at least on our network, that’s the case). If you supplied 111-222-3333 as the Calling party number, it would be sent. This is different to the charge number which is set elsewhere.

    Many collection agencies will either block their own Calling Party Number or select a different one. Doing the latter causes problems as sometimes they select a number that belongs to someone else. (Not good!).

    Anyway, you can set the CPN as Private and it will usually not display on the term end. it will go across the network as “Presentation Not Allowed”.

    This too can cause issues with call completion. Another feature of ISDN is the ability to block calls from unknown originations. Basically, the term end is saying that if you don’t provide me a valid ANI, I will not answer.

    It’s not that common, but it is a capability.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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