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Different hopping type in a BTS

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    I’m interested to know if we can use different hopping type among three sectors of a BTS. Let’s say sec.1 uses SFH, sec.2 uses BBH and sec.3 uses No hopping. Of course, frequencies used by sectors don’t interfere each other. Any suggestion? What’s the benefit and drawback of it?


    Hi Rex,

    SFH works only if all neighbour cells are also using SFH.
    BBH requires the same frequency planning constraint as NH, but provides frequency diversity and interference diversity.

    So BBH is way better than NH, always.
    And SFH works only with SFH neighbours.
    So why would you want to mix them in a site… I don’t know… No benefit, for me.



    Hi Pix,
    thanks for the repsonse. There is a site at the border and using SFH. All frequencies in SFH are interfered by neighbour country including BCCHs. They have three operators and after drive test measurement we found that only 6 or 7 frequencies are clean, all others are interfered. We wanted to change from SFH to NH in only one cell toward the village at the border (people there experiencing bad quality), that’s the cause why I have asked that in previous post even if I had doubt mixing different hopping type. And we changed all cells in NH yesterday, let’s see after we check KPI and after drive test measurements. We’ll try BBH too and compare results against NH.
    Thanks again,


    Hello Rex,

    It is so much better when you properly explain it as an operational problem rather than a theoretical exercise 🙂

    At country border, your method is good : find clean frequencies. If this cell’s neighbours are using SFH, then I would recommend to remove the “clean frequencies” from their list, so that your NH cell will not be interfered by your SFH cells.

    Once you are happy with your NH cell, then apply BBH and don’t look back 🙂

    One last thing : try to find an agreement with the operators from the other country, so that they won’t use these clean frequencies ever at the border. (For sure, they are facing the same kind of issues than you are, they will like to ensure few clean frequencies for themselves)



    This can be used 1 sector is working like umbrella cell, but i dont know about sfh works with only sfh neighbors as pix said, i think we were using bb and sfh both in 1 network.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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