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Traffic HO lower treshold

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    Hi, everybody!
    I have a simple question – why traffic HO lower treshold can’t be below 50%?
    And a little bit more complex one – how can I overcome this problem? Lets assume I have Cells A and B. I want to load cell B up to 95% (not more) by taking traffic from cell A. Cell A load I want to keep below 40% till Cell B load reaches 95%. All other neighbour definitions must stay unchanged so that all moving traffic wouldn’t stuck anywhere. Any ideas how to ballance traffic in this situation?


    hi trfho,

    you know that ho algorithms and parameters are very vendor dependent, so your problem will have very different answers whether it is E///, NSN, ALU or Huawei. Which equipment are you working with ?



    Hi Pix,
    I am using Siemens equipment.
    Yes, parameters change from vendor to vendor but basic ideas about load ballancing are the same with some exeptions.


    well, in ALU for example, you can define the “high load” threshold below 50%. As long as
    “high” > “low”
    you can choose the values you want.

    otherwise, you can use some “capture handover” causes, activated only when load A is below 40% and load B is below 95%. Typically called “preferred band HO” or “general capture HO”, and setting:
    EN_GENERAL_CPT_HO(A) = enable
    Capture_traffic_condition(A) = HIGH
    high_load_traffic(A) = 40%
    high_load_traffic(B) = 95%

    There you are, the ALU solutions… but not useful for Siemens, I’m afraid 🙁


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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