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Paging per channel

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    Iqbal Ahmed


    There is simple douts on paging

    1.Paging is done through IMSI or TMSi?

    2.How much it can be done at a time



    1/ usually TMSI, except if MS wasn’t allocated a TMSI in the first place or if the NSS parameters force the paging to be done on IMSI, or if this is a repetition of the paging and due to NSS parameters, this repetition ought to be done with IMSI. Those are quite special cases, it seems, so I assume that 90% of paging are based on TMSI.
    NSS guru, please confirm (or infirm…)
    2/ paging capacity on which interface ?
    Air interface supports usually between 50 to 80 paging/s (@100% load), depending on the parameter AG_BLKS_RES, and with 9 CCCH (= no m-CCCH)
    Other interfaces and other equipments have a higher paging capacity, so the limiting factor is (usually) the air interface.

    the second limiting factor is the BSC paging capacity, so if you put too many LAC per BSC, that could be a problem. This is vendor dependent.


    1, Most of pagings are done on TMSI but sometimes they aer done on IMSI which is named global paging and is done on MSC level not on LAC level(it occurs when the MS doesnt reply the message from the MSC in a special LAC, may be the MS is out of coverage area or the battery charge is finished or MS havent done a LU while has gone to new LAC in same MSC).

    2, The times of paging can be set by the operator and normally the limit is different according to the vendors


    Hi experts pls can anyone tell me BTS pages every MS in its range, when its subscriber is called or it pages that specific MS through TMSI.I’m confused and your valuable suggestions will be very grateful

    Iqbal Ahmed

    Hello dipak,

    Paging is actually done on LAC basis through BTS and it is done for all MS in the lac ….through TMSI.

    Iqbal Ahmed


    Hi Iqbal

    Thanx very much for your reply just want to confirm that if a subscriber is called than BTS will know exactly thru TMSI which subscriber is to be called and than it will page the subscriber knowing its BS_PA_MFRMS value at that particular time

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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