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Power Control does not work at BCCH

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    Huawei – Man

    Hi Mak,

    Do you see the same cell in the neighbor window?

    Which vendor are you using?

    Huawei – Man

    As well, could you send me the snap shot from TEMS in your case?


    I have seen it for Nokia/Ericsson/Huwaie in Tems serving and Neighbor Window.

    Huawei – Man

    Ok, Mak.

    Please send me the snap shot.


    Well it may be far off but if the cell is set as concentric in some vendors (Not Alcatel) the MS measures the BCCH of the serving cell to take decisions of Handover based on coverage of GSM (in Alcatel and some vendors there is an offset_HO_Margin_Inner to cater for the difference). It might be that case and in that case the level for serving being power controled should be lower than that reported in the neighbour window.


    TEMS mobile is always showing the serving BCCH RxLev in the neighbour list (as far as i remember).

    therefore you can see the “reported” rxlev of the TCH + the BCCH rxlev at the same time.
    it shows how much PC attenuation is made, but it can also show that the TRX on which is the TCH is having a very poor TX POWER compared to the BCCH power. That’s the case when you have TRX swapped between different sectors 🙂 (or also, TRX failure)
    (or concentric cells, as mania said)


    Huawei – Man

    Dear Pix,

    🙂 I can’t agree with you.

    You should see only serving cell (only BCCH or only Non-BCCH) in the neighbor window.

    You should not see both in the same neighbor window. Like following:

    Cell1 121 47 -85
    Cell1 121 47 -65

    Yes it is possible you can see, but in this case only when in BA List of the cell has same BCCH. So it means the neighbor planning is not good, if you have same BCCHs between adjacent cells you will never have HO. I’m guided by the result of my experiment in Huawei System.

    Is my mind clear :)?



    well, if you see what you see, then it means TEMS is measuring its serving TCH RxLev + its serving BCCH RxLev… You mean it doesn’t do it on other network ? That’d be weird…

    is -85dBm the DL_RxLev measured on the TCH ?
    if yes, then i don’t see the problem… TEMS is just displaying extra info in the neighbour window. Get used to it :))


    Huawei – Man

    Hi Pix,

    Is it wrong what I mean?


    Hi All,
    Well Just opened my copy of TEMS 8.2.2 and walla…
    Mak if I am guessing right you are viewing the “GSM Serving + Neighbour [MS1]” window and it should have the serving cell at the top. no issue here.
    As for the 2nd entity also having the serving cell. this may be due to the concentric cell feature in my TEMS yes it reports it twice for the con-cell self BCCH monitoring network and only once on the parameter controled network.please confirm the vendor you are working on and the cell type / concentric cell outgoing Handover algorithm.


    Huwaie, Handover Algorithm 2

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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